The Personal Service

The personal bespoke tailoring service starts with a consultation from which I gain an understanding of your specific requirements. I advise and suggest ideas on style, fit and fabric of your garments taking into consideration your figure, your lifestyle and desired end-use. The luxury of bespoke means that there are infinite possibilities and you can create your unique commission from hundreds of quality British-made cloths, including rich Scottish tweeds. With the raw material selected, an individually tailored piece will then be created, a unique garment that is designed and hand-made especially for you.

The crafting process begins with a draft paper pattern made to your unique measurements. The pattern becomes the template for all my future work. It is constantly updated and altered during the development of your current commission and beyond. Your cloth is cut from the pattern and it is then hand-sewn to create a three-dimensional garment. We will then meet again for a first fitting.

The art of bespoke tailoring creates a garment that enhances your good features and flatters your shape. At the fitting stage we gauge how the garments hang and feel on your body and explore the style details again to ensure you are satisfied with your selection. At this stage I can assess how many more fittings might be required before your commission is completed. Two or three fittings are typical for any new client, but once the first tailored piece is completed, future commissions usually require fewer fittings as we know what works for you.

Over the years you may need to have your garments altered or repaired to keep them in good shape. I encourage my clients to bring them back to me, so that together we can agree on the exact adjustment or repairs required. During the initial creation extra cloth is left inside each garment to allow for adjustments, as few of us maintain the same physique throughout our lives. A bespoke piece, therefore, can be tailored and updated so it continues to fit you and your lifestyle perfectly for many years.