The Occasion

Bespoke garments can be created for all occasions and are appropriate for all professions and lifestyles. A Kathryn Sargent bespoke outfit will enhance the client’s appearance, whether formal or more relaxed, in climates ranging from a North American winter to a Far Eastern summer.

Bespoke does not have to only be for really smart occasions. I love creating casual pieces from luxurious British cloths such as velvet jackets, corduroy and moleskin trousers, beautiful twill overcoats and casual soft tweed jackets. It is a pleasure for me to create a client’s unique “investment piece”, such as a long beautifully tailored overcoat or a vintage piece such as a silk-lined opera cloak. Many of my best clients have been working with me for years to build up their own special wardrobe.

I enjoy tailoring pin-sharp formal wear such as classic dinner suits for black tie, and white tie outfits. I advise clients on the etiquette of dress and devise ways to update the classics to make them contemporary and distinctive. A morning suit that looks superb at a wedding can also be worn at a smart occasion on the social calendar such as Royal Ascot.

As a skilled and experienced pattern cutter I have made all manner of unusual garments from the grand military uniforms and modern pieces of innovative design to historically accurate garments such as Inverness capes and Ulster coats.

With the Kathryn Sargent bespoke tailoring service, virtually anything is possible, for any occasion. The creative process is a collaboration between me and my client.