Your initial needs and wishes drive the entire process, however during the initial consultation Kathryn will offer advice based on the individual’s requirements and lifestyle. The crafting process begins with Kathryn cutting a pattern based on your unique measurements and style preferences, the pattern is then the template for all future work.

All our garments are handmade in London by master craftsmen and adhere to the highest Savile Row Bespoke technical standards.

The art of bespoke tailoring creates a garment that enhances your good features and flatters your shape. During the process there are likely to be two or three fittings, during which we will work to tailor and fine tune the garment to ensure the perfect look and fit.

Bespoke Service

Passionate about creating the finest bespoke tailoring which compliments the individual.

Bespoke garments can be created for all occasions and are appropriate for all professions and lifestyles. A Kathryn Sargent bespoke outfit will enhance the client’s appearance, whether formal or more relaxed, in climates ranging from a North American winter to a Far Eastern summer and are available in a range of fabrics from luxurious British wools and cashmeres to wonderfully soft rich Scottish tweeds.

With the Kathryn Sargent bespoke tailoring service, virtually anything is possible, for any occasion.

Over the years you may need to have your garments altered or repaired to keep them in good shape. Clients are encouraged to bring them back so that the exact adjustment or repairs required can be identified and carried out. In order to provide for any future needs extra cloth is left inside each garment at the initial creation stage to allow for adjustments, as few of us maintain the same physique throughout our lives. A bespoke piece, therefore, can be tailored and updated so it continues to fit you and your lifestyle perfectly for many years.